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Visa-free countries for Bosnia and Herzegovina are most European countries, holder of some diplomatic, official and special passports (Egypt) and business-civil passport (China) etc.
Citizens of the European Union Member States, citizens of countries that signed Schengen Agreement and citizens of Andorra, Montenegro, Lichtenstein, Monaco, San Marino, Serbia, Holly See & Switzerland can use their Identity Cards as a travel document to enter, exit and transit over BiH.

It is best to check if you need a visa for entering or transit through Bosnia and Herzegovina within your national or our national Ministry of Foreign Affair.

Interesting is that supposes that even citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina cannot enjoy in visa-free travel to most of the world countries still it is easier for us to get somewhere that for some countries for their citizens to come here due lack of our embassy or any other form of representation office in most of the world countries.

Website: http://www.mvp.gov.ba/konzularne_informacije/vize/Default.aspxAnother contact: http://www.bhembassy.no/images/f

Welcome any time in any case!

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Heart-shaped land in heart of Balkans

The Practical Guide

In this blog, I will sum up some practical information in hope to help potential visitors.

Short introduction

Bosnia and Herzegovina are two regions: Bosnia and Herzegovina. They are geographically divided by the towering Dinaric Alps, which stretches from northwest Croatia through the whole country and into Montenegro finishing on the Albanian border.

There also two entity: Republika Srpska and Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and one administrative unit call Brcko District that belongs to both.

Republika Srpska consists of municipalities. Currently (2017) there is 63 of them.

Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina consisted of cantons. There are 10 cantons.

Pros and Cons in my opinion as a local:

Pros: people, nature, touristic potential, cultural diversity, undiscovered and exotic, safe, affordable and budget-friendly;

Cons: prejudice, stereotypes and one side media propaganda (which I notice in foreign media), not good media presentation, mines, economic crisis, bad roads, bud education system, politics, corruption, poverty, smoking in public places, unprofessional services, bad environmental habits

In a nutshell: My home

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